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Founded in Gold Coast, Australia, Pintago Guitars & Gear stemmed from a young guitarist with a couple of questions. First question being, why are guitars and gear so costly? It’s just a bit of wood right? Second question being, why do acoustic guitars have such a traditional design? So, to work that young guitarist went, talking to many guitar store owners all along the coast.


The first question was soon answered. Turns out rent, maintenance and other store costs add to the prices of products sold. Also other retailers buy from dealers and dealers buy from the factories and everyone makes a cut along the way adding to the overall retail price. The solution: Make an online store to avoid physicle store costs and also skip out the middle man and charge the more affordable wholesale price. There’s nothing wrong with these retailers and dealers making a living but for you as a customer (or even worse, for a beginner) its a lot to pay.


Okay so that solves that, what about the other question? Why do acoustic guitars have such a traditional design? Now we understand there are many different shapes and materials that can make an acoustic guitar. But what about the colours? The textures? The creativity? Some smart people out there have made some very cool, unique looking guitars in the past but they aren’t in general circulation. All there seems to be are black and brown colour choices, with the standard style and little swirly lines around the sound hole. Now, to answer the question of to ‘why guitars are like this’, you will probably be left in the gutter with the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Which is fair. But try instead to take our, “If it ain’t dead, don’t kill it” point of view. There is nothing wrong with the simple and traditional way of designing guitars but one can only wonder the possibilities.


We haven't worked out the kinks yet but one of our goals at Pintago Guitars & Gear is to hopefully, one day, be able to create and feature a unique guitar design that can represent our brand and be clearly distinguished from other guitars! But until then... one can only wonder...


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